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Critter, 2

March 30, 2010 | Iowa

Remember the critter in our barn, the one that turned out to be an ermine? Yeah, it didn’t make it. I was surprised at how small it was. I thought maybe it had a nest. But this one can’t be fully grown, can it?

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March 3, 2010 | Iowa

We have a critter living in our barn. I tweeted about it on Sunday, wondering what kind of critter it could be. I got lots of ideas from Twitter and Facebook: ermine, weasel, mink, opossum, Edgar Winter, cat. I’ve got some pictures. It was dark, and the critter was fast, but it looks like it’s all white with a black tip on its tail. Anyway … it’s not easy to see much in the pictures … just look for the green demon eyes. Any ideas?

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