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R.I.P. Rocky Mountain News

February 27, 2009 | Economics,Journalism,Local news,Media,MSM

Final Edition from Matthew Roberts on Vimeo.

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Covering the war, part 7

August 3, 2007 | Death,Ethics,Iraq,Journalism,Local news

Metro section, page 1 (above the fold, 4-column photograph)

Local soldier, killed in Iraq, comes home (photo credit: Chris Urso/Tribune).

Page 1

Teaser to metro front-page article about soldier.

The St. Petersburg Times covered the story, and it has a section called “Our Casualties of War.” A local television station also covered the story.

Well done.

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Covering the war, part 4

July 26, 2007 | Death,Ethics,Iraq,Journalism,Local news,Military

Page 1 

Local Marine, 25, shot and killed … in his hometown.

I am not saying this story does not belong on the front page. As I said before, though, I wonder what is behind the decisions about story placement. Did someone from the newspaper attend the funeral, which was held this morning? Will they run that on the front page tomorrow? With a flag-draped coffin? Would that be OK because he did not die in Iraq?

In other news, a Florida soldier who died in Afghanistan was mentioned in an Associated Press brief on page 11.

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When is it time to watch the local news?

July 25, 2007 | Local news,My neighborhood

When you have not one …


… not two or three …


… not four …


… but five …


… FIVE helicopters hovering over your house.

I haven’t yet been able to figure out exactly what happened, but this just came through. I was confused by this, which was about a shooting that happened Saturday. I wonder if they’re related.

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