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Stop looking at me like that, Steve

February 25, 2008 | Books,Stephen King


What’s it like to have a famous novelist as your neighbor? Do you hang out and drink coffee together? Do you sit there chatting and it suddenly becomes quiet, you look up and find him staring at you?

And then you say, “What are you looking at?”

And you don’t believe him when he says, “Oh, nothing.”

And then you say, “C’mon, Steve. Quit looking at me like that. Don’t be conjuring me up as some character in your next book. Especially if it has fangs and ghoul eyes.”

And then he grins.

And you get up to leave.

“Dangit. Why can’t you just have coffee like a normal person?”

OK. So maybe the folks on Casey Key don’t have coffee with Stephen King. Maybe they just wave when they see him strolling down the road reading a book. But they’re all excited about his latest book because its setting was inspired by Casey Key and … maybe … them.

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