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Over the mountains & through the woods

August 14, 2010 | Family,Norway,Traveling,Vacation

My last hike was with my husband over the mountains (yes, more than one) into town to my sister-in-law’s home.

It was Charming Marie’s last hike in the Norwegian mountains. I’ve had lots of fun with her this summer!

We took a break at this lake. It was so quiet and pretty there.

We saw sheep everywhere.

See that bump in the background? That’s the top of Jendemfjellet.

See that yellow spot there? That’s a boy. We watched his progress over the top of one mountain and down another until he met up with us. He was RUNNING. The whole time. Makes me want to have a heart attack just thinking about it.

Skihytta — this is a ski cabin that’s open in the winter.

Getting close to town. These are ski paths with lights (for the winter). Folks use them for all kinds of things during the summer … hiking, biking, walking, running, etc.

Just about there! I think I can smell dinner from here.

I thought I’d slow things down, but when we were done, it hadn’t taken any longer than “normal” — about three hours. Yay, me!

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