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February 27, 2010 | Family,Iowa,Winter

The kids and I saw footprints in the snow one morning before school. We hadn’t seen any animals around, so it was a mystery how they got there. We’ve had various critters around — deer, skunk, raccoon. It would be interesting to figure out what had wandered around our house in the snow.

After school, we went out to track the prints. They stopped with tire tracks. Did Pappa have an animal in his pickup? We didn’t think so. They went a little ways past the garage but not all the way down the driveway. They stopped before the snow in the yard. We saw them along the side of the house, though, to the door into the garage. I remembered feeling horrible for the delivery guy who had to tromp through the snow I hadn’t had time to clear yet. Aha! The delivery guy. He must have had a dog. Mystery solved.

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