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I’ve never been frightened of being enlightened

December 29, 2009 | Family,Holidays,Stuff

They’re blooming!

Posted by Becky @ 8:44 pm  

2 Responses to “I’ve never been frightened of being enlightened”

  1. Tre ~ Says:

    Lovely image…you may enjoy reading Shannon Jackson Arnold’s Friday and Monday posts…she write a lot of ‘blooming’ and always photographs awe amazing images of flowers..she’s over at http://inspiredwriter.com
    This is lovely..however did you find such a thing in -24? Good golly may I not whine about Boston’s freezing:)

  2. Becky Says:

    It’s inside, where it’s a little warmer than -24 degrees. ;) I couldn’t get that link to work, so I looked it up. I found a better one, http://www.theinspiredwriter.org/blog. You’re right. Lots of pretty blooming! :)

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