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I love to take a photograph, so, mama, don’t take my Kodachrome away

July 27, 2009 | BlogHer

I went to BlogHer09 in Chicago and lost my camera.

OK. So much more than that happened, but I’ll write about all that later. For now, here’s why I’m lost without my camera. Without it, the only camera I have is on my cell phone. Pictures from my cell phone? Suck.


Here’s Carson Kressley showing everyone in the Expo Hall “how to look good naked.”

Here’s Michele Lepe, Nina of Nina and Star on Sprout’s The Good Night Show. She autographed a photo for the kids, and they hung it on their bedroom door. They think I met a superstar. I think so too. She was very nice.

Here’s Elizabeth of Table for Five. We were at the Shutter Suite and I think PunditMom snapped our picture with my phone. Or was it someone else? Elizabeth, do you remember?

I’m sad. Those are the only images I have from BlogHer09. I also don’t have the images that were on my camera: the first lily that bloomed in our back yard, my carpool buddies, the Chicago skyline and pictures I took of some of the first people I met at BlogHer … until I put it down at either the People’s Party or the Room 704 Party on Thursday night. I had so many straps on my arms (purse, tote, camera bag, swag bags) that I didn’t notice the camera strap wasn’t one of them. So … maybe my camera ended up in someone else’s bag. Do me a favor? Could you check when you’re unpacking at home? It’s a Konica Minolta DiMage and looks something like this.

UPDATE: The most awesome Mocha Momma has my camera!

Someone found it and recognized Kelly from the night I was asking around about my camera. (They had been sitting on the same sofa.) She didn’t know how to find me, but she ran into Kelly, who said she would return the camera to me. Thank you, Kelly! I’d love to figure out who “this woman” is so I can thank her as well.

Posted by Becky @ 10:43 am  

17 Responses to “I love to take a photograph, so, mama, don’t take my Kodachrome away”

  1. Stimey Says:

    I’m so sorry you lost your camera. I hope you get it back. I almost left my camera somewhere for that very same reason—so many straps.

    I still can’t believe we didn’t meet.

  2. Cyndi Says:

    Oh, NO! What a shame. I’ll hope that someone finds it and is kind enough to return it (along with my keys and pyrex dish that the valet left in someone’s car a couple months ago!) At least you can find some solace in music, right??

    So, it was fun, right??!

  3. magpie Says:

    bummer about the camera.

    bummer too that i didn’t meet nina…my child would have liked that.

  4. Becky Says:

    Stimey, I know. How could that have happened?

    Cyndi, my camera has been found! No word on the keys & dish, though.

    Magpie, my kids were more excited about that than anything else. They keep asking to go to Chicago so they can meet Nina too. I’m tired of trying to explain how it just doesn’t work that way … ;)

  5. PunditMom/Joanne Bamberger Says:

    YAY! I’m so glad someone found your camera!!

  6. Elizabeth Says:

    I didn’t even know Nina was there! I am so glad Kelly/Mocha found your camera, too.

    People kept asking me why I wasn’t at BowlHer, but just getting to relax at Shutter Sisters, get on Twitter, see the fireworks, that was NICE.

  7. LindaLowen/womensissues Says:

    So glad Mocha Momma had it – a happy ending to your story.

    I had such a good time over dinner – thanks for ‘running away’ with me from the Sheraton so we could have some real food!

    Now get out there and take more pictures!

  8. Becky Says:

    Joanne, I know! I’m still doing a happy dance!

    Elizabeth, it was a great party.

    Linda, that was the best dinner I had during the conference … even though I didn’t like the salad. So glad we got to talk!

  9. D. Says:

    Hooray for finding the camera! Glad you stopped by! I’m amazed you made it to my business card so quickly after the conference. :) It was really lovely meeting you, too.

  10. Miranda Says:

    Welcome back! Sounds like you had a great time. So glad that your camera has been found.

  11. Becky Says:

    D, not to sound stalkerish, but I actually dug around *just* for your card. ;)

    Miranda, thanks, it was wonderful. Gotta get together one of these days.

  12. thatgirlblogs Says:

    you are so lucky it was found!

    If I had known that all of these reality TV stars were going to be at Blogher, I would have been there! Day-um!

  13. ilinap Says:

    We, your readers, would be in mourning if you didn’t have a camera.

  14. Becky Says:

    Shelly, maybe you’ll come next time?

    Ilina, aww, thanks!

  15. Kasandria Reasoner Says:

    SOOO awesome you got your camera back! Had fun chatting with you at the People’s Party!

  16. Angela at mommy bytes Says:

    So cool that you found your camera!! I had my DSLR and rarely took it out. I think I was afraid of scaring people with it. Great to meet you!

  17. Deep Muck Big Rake » Thanks for the memory of things I can’t forget Says:

    […] Thanks to Erin Groh (@ErinRoseGroh) of BlogHerfor organizing everything with carpoolers and companies. Thanks to Lesley Hettinger(@lesleyhettinger) and Connie Burke (@connieburke) of GM Communications, Kameya Shows (@kamkam) of OnStar Communications, Robyn Henderson (@robnh) of Design Communications for setting everything up and for treating us to food and drink (I had margaritas, thank you very much) once we got to Chicago. Here are some pictures from that party. You know, before I lost my camera. […]

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