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Hit the road, skunk, and don’t you come back no more

July 12, 2009 | Iowa

Yeah, it’s a really bad picture, but I was afraid of getting the critter all excited. But, yes. That is a skunk in our barn. It’s bigger’n a cat. [shudder] Anyone know a good way to get rid of them?

Posted by Becky @ 11:05 pm  

5 Responses to “Hit the road, skunk, and don’t you come back no more”

  1. Cyndi Says:

    Ugh! I know that Curious George took a bath in tomato soup/juice to get rid of the stink…hope you don’t have to go to that extreme – GL!

  2. Kathy Says:

    Sorry, all I got for the picture of the skunk was a black photo. Perhaps that is the answer to your problem – black ’em out! Heh heh!

  3. Kathy Says:

    I also remember in one of the Love Sagas, that the child gave a tomato bath to her step mom, who knew nothing about skunks until she was sprayed by one. Tomatoes must be the answer to getting stink out, but how to get rid of skunks might be a question for your County Extension office.

  4. Becky Says:

    Gah. Hope I don’t need to stock up on tomato juice. We’ve packed the garbage tight in containers and removed it from the barn. We’ll also build a new garbage container. Just hope removing the temptation will do the trick.

  5. Two Makes Four Says:

    If you’re the gun-totin’ type, shoot the mo-fo. If not, call one of those wild animal trapper folks. Yuck!

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