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Our address? 1313 Mockingbird Lane … or not

March 18, 2009 | Weird things

I sometimes wonder if my house is haunted. This is the first house we’ve owned that has such a long history. It was built almost 35 years ago, changing hands several times over the years. But the abstract covers the history of the land, and it covers every legal transaction to do with this land since the turn of the last century.

I hear bumps and thumps in the walls and floors. I heard a bang on the roof one night and looked out the window to see my dog staring intently at the roof. She didn’t move, even when I went outside to look up at the roof. I didn’t see anything, but I was creeped out.

Last night, I went to bed about 12:30 a.m., even though I wasn’t terribly sleepy. I saw lights move across my window, which was odd because we don’t usually see headlights from cars going by on the highway. Then I heard several loud bangs that sounded like they were right outside my house. I got up, turned on the outside lights and looked out all the windows. I didn’t see a thing.

I knew I wasn’t going to sleep after that. I took a book into the living room and read. An hour later, I heard the same banging again. This time I put on my coat and shoes and walked around outside the house. I still didn’t see a thing.

Until today when I got to the end of the driveway on my way to town. This is what I saw.

Not as otherworldly as it seemed.

So, instead of going to the Y (now that I’m healthy again after getting whipped by the flu), I went to the police station, the sheriff’s office, the newspaper and the post office. After I got home, I turned right around to take my 6-year-old back to the doctor with another ear infection.

All the while, I was working on a conversation I planned to have with the sheriff … about community service and restitution … and how we want money to replace the mailbox but also the time and effort to help put it back up … and how apparently these little scoundrels don’t have enough cow-milking or shit-scooping or tractor-driving to keep them busy and out of trouble … and how they should have to come look us in the eye and apologize … and … and …

I saw a blue pickup in front of my house. I walked around to the driver’s side. It was a boy who told me he’s one of the kids who ruined my mailbox last night.

[knock me over with a feather]

I took his name and number. We’ll be calling him to help put up the new mailbox.

Posted by Becky @ 3:27 pm  

7 Responses to “Our address? 1313 Mockingbird Lane … or not”

  1. Caroline Says:

    GET OUT!!!! How amazing that kid came to fess up. Seriously. They don’t make them like that anymore. (And didn’t you just lose a mailbox to a snow plow too?)

  2. Cyndi Says:

    Oh, you’re braver than I am! We learned that a person died while building our house, and I’ve been fighting the creeps ever since. I was thinking the same thing about your mailbox and the snow. Way for that kid to man up! Hope the spring is there to stay :-)

  3. Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah Says:


    Who does that?

  4. Amie Says:

    That’s the second time this year..kinda weird.

    Will this be the year of the destroyed mailboxes?

  5. `ChewY` Says:



    Actually the place No. of Hanover wigged me out at night, knowing the guy hung himself in the barn, and there was still part of the rope in the rafters. The wind would blow, the doors on the barns would “bump” Moans and whistles as the wind would blow across the tin roofs…. Yeah! The horse we had(prince)would not, did not like to go in that particular barn either.

  6. Margaret McLaughlin Says:

    Good kid. Not quite man enough to get his friends to act decently, but responsible enough to know he should make amends. He’ll be a good dad someday.

  7. Becky Says:

    Weeeeeeeell, he didn’t do it all on his own. The police & sheriff knew his parents. He was lucky to be offered the chance to apologize instead of getting charged with a felony. ;)

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