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Reading winter weather signs

January 25, 2009 | Iowa,Weather,Winter

Remember the pretty sun dog I posted in December? I know what it means now.

Turn back! Go home! Lock up the kids! Stay warm! Hibernate!

Because if you don’t? You’ll have to drive on this.

And this.

And the wind will blow so hard that it will drift over your driveway, essentially snowing you in, which isn’t a good thing when your tractor/snow blower isn’t working properly and you can’t drive a shovel without coughing up a lung (or at least lunch) because of that cold you’ve had for two weeks now.

Posted by Becky @ 11:24 am  

2 Responses to “Reading winter weather signs”

  1. Tamie from Tampa Says:

    I soooo remember those drifts from growing up in Indiana. We called snow whipping across the road- snow snakes. My mom used to warn us that if we didn’t hurry up and get inside, they would climb up our legs and bite us on the butts. Anyway, the photos look beautiful, but they also make me shiver imagining how cold it is. Feel better soon!

  2. Cyndi Says:

    It’s beautiful, so thank you for letting us look without having to feel it….brrrr. I will now stop cribbing about the minimal cold we’ve had and try to just enjoy the pretty ;-) Happy weekend!

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