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Weird things happen on Twitter

January 7, 2009 | MSM,Television,The Today Show,Twitter

So I was on Twitter, and I said I didn’t watch The Today Show, and I said something not terribly flattering about Ann Curry. Before the end of the night? The Today Show was following me on Twitter. Do you think they really care what I have to say … or are they just pulling an Abraham Lincoln on me?

Posted by Becky @ 10:04 pm  

2 Responses to “Weird things happen on Twitter”

  1. Amy@UWM Says:

    Probably their PR person making sure you don’t say any more mean things. Say something about Meredith (although I love her) just to see what happens.

  2. tanyetta Says:

    Ann Curry is BORING! Good morning, Good morning, ok Ann we get it!

    HaHa! Yeah let’s roast Al Roker too for shots and grins of course!

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