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It’s a miracle … a true blue spectacle

October 15, 2008 | Customer service,Economics

I just got the final bill (that I was supposed to get in August) for the security system/service we had in Florida. I was told in July that the final bill would be $30. This one was $80. So I called, and they reduced it to $30. Then I started thinking about it … why did I have a balance due anyway since I canceled it before the next quarterly payment would have been due? I called again. Apparently, I was supposed to give 30 days’ notice, and the final bill was the difference. But then Dan in the billing department said this,

“You know what? You’ve been a loyal customer for many years. I’ll just zero that out for you, and you won’t owe us a thing. Thank you so much for being our customer, and have a great day.”

Blink, blink, blink.


Thanks, Dan with ADT in Jacksonville, Fla. Thank you!

Two telephone calls and $80 down, 248 more calls to go …

Posted by Becky @ 6:18 pm  

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