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More reasons we don’t have a pet armadillo

July 19, 2008 | Family,Stuff

I mentioned over at my Being Savvy: Tampa blog that my son asked, “Would an armadillo be a good pet?

I said it wouldn’t because an armadillo is a wild animal.

Yesterday, we “ran across” a couple more reasons.

1) It doesn’t do well in traffic.

2) It attracts vultures.

Yes, that’s on our street. No, I did not hit the armadillo with my car.

Posted by Becky @ 8:38 am  

3 Responses to “More reasons we don’t have a pet armadillo”

  1. Marsha Says:

    I love the header on your blog. We sure do get a lot of Amadillo road kill around here too. They must be slow or hard of hearing?

  2. Our Juicy Life Says:

    oh my…it looks fake. How sad that it got hit by a car.

  3. Deep Muck Big Rake » What is it with me and birds?* Says:

    […] more├é┬ávultures circling over our house one weekend recently, tempted no doubt by the dead armadillo in our street. Posted by Becky @ 10:50 […]

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