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Smart ways to travel?

May 27, 2008 | Airlines,Traveling

I read about some tips for traveling this summer, including this:

Package shippers like FedEx Corp. or United Parcel Service Inc. or luggage shippers like Luggage Forward Inc. or Sports Express LLC may now be an attractive alternative. With FedEx, you can ship three bags — two 40-pounders and one 60-pound bag, from Dallas to Boston and back for about $250 if you use the three-business-day service, and the price might be a lot less if you have access to a corporate account with discounts at FedEx. Put the bags in shipping boxes or just use tags that shippers now have for luggage. Package shippers can track the bags, too — something airlines don’t do. On United, those same three bags would cost you $450 round trip if traveling alone.

So … when will the package shippers start putting “people boxes” on their planes? How bad could it be?

(Well, unless you’re Chuck Noland … )

Posted by Becky @ 11:07 pm  

3 Responses to “Smart ways to travel?”

  1. Arwen Says:

    As you know I travel every week. Delta hasn’t come up with this pay per bag scam yet and since I have status with the airline, I doubt I will ever have to pay (that’s what status gets you, upgrades to first class and probably free bags). But this is still good to know because my husband and daughter do not have status.
    Have you ever enjoyed Velvet Underground? Listen to the song ‘The Gift’ and you will stop thinking about people boxes.

  2. Caroline Says:

    Wow – this is a seriously a good point. I am traveling with my 2 boys (and 2 carseats and pack n play and everything flipping else) this summer. Hmmmmm. Mail. Of course… I could just send some stuff! Or better yet, could I mail the boys? It would certainly stop the dirty looks and annoyed comments during our flight. Now of course I am just kidding! I think. Hmmmm. Mail.

  3. Our Juicy Life Says:

    Hi – thanks for visiting my site..it has been a long time since I’ve heard from you…hope the kids are good.

    This is one of the main reasons we are taking the boat to france – we can take as much luggage as we want without a fee…that includes 4 bikes which are usually 150.00 – 200.00 each, each way.

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