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Linda Hirshman rants about Yo Mamma

April 19, 2008 | 2008 campaign,Barack Obama,Linda Hirshman

Linda Hirshman’s latest foot-stomping, fist-pounding, mouth-frothing rant is about (I think) daughters of famous feminists defying their mothers by discussing politics.

What’s the matter, Linda? Did you discover a YO-bama-Mamma T-shirt in the back of your daughter’s closet?

Posted by Becky @ 8:33 am  

4 Responses to “Linda Hirshman rants about Yo Mamma”

  1. PunditMom Says:

    In her usual fashion, Hirshman tries to pass off an article full of personal attacks as some sort of thoughtful analysis. If she can ever find it in herself to stop mocking people and actual address their views, then perhaps there could be a real conversation.

    And monkeys could fly from you know where.

  2. MammaLoves Says:

    I just don’t know how she gets published. Flipping idiot.

  3. Lawyer Mama Says:

    Are Hirshman and Bennetts on the same publication cycle or something? It seems like they’re always coming up with bull shit about women at about the same time.

  4. Lawyer Mama Says:

    Because, you know, none of us could ever be making a rational, intelligent decision.

    My 57 year old mother is voting for Obama and so am I….

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