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Life takes Visa … unless we’re talking about MY life

March 14, 2008 | Airlines,Customer service,Visa

Dear Visa,

Thanks for giving it the old college try. You could have just ignored me, which is about what I’ve come to expect. But, hey, you tried. Right?

You didn’t do anything, though, because your “research indicated” that I “voluntarily purchased another set of tickets” to get out of Norway.

Yeah. About that word … voluntarily? Well, here’s the deal.

If someone held a gun to my head and demanded all my money? It’s a pretty safe bet I would voluntarily hand over everything I had in my purse. Especially if I had my three children with me. Heck, I’d even voluntarily hand over my whole purse, which, you know, is where I keep my Visa card. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want it all back when the jerk was arrested. And I bet your ears would perk up about the whole Visa-card part of the deal.

But, whatever. I’ve gotten about $3,000 back from the airline all on my own, thankyouverymuch. Guess I’ll have to get the rest of it on my own too.

Your lowly customer-bot,


Posted by Becky @ 12:56 pm  

One Response to “Life takes Visa … unless we’re talking about MY life”

  1. Alisa Says:

    OMG – 6,000 for 5 tickets BACK! That’s crazy. I hate how they hold you hostage, no guarantees, but with big smiles on their faces. When we flew to france in September we got there with our bikes in their bike cases. The cases weight about 19 lbs (with the bikes in side) and they have wheels and are not huge. We flew air france because we have flown them before and France loves bikes (the tour de france, Paris-Nice, etc…). We were surprised to hear that 3 months earlier they changed their policy and are now charging for bikes. $200.00 per bike, each way. But…in France they charged us in euros so it costs us about 350.00 each. We spent an extra $1,000. Couldn’t do anything, we were at the airport. We were trying to save the planet but not renting a car, by biking, but NO they charge you for that. We even packed 1 piece of luggage between the both of us (for 3 weeks) so we wouldn’t have tons of stuff. I wrote them when I got back, complaining. I told them I was bringing bikes when I made the reservations, nobody said they were changing their policy. I was so upset that we were charged euros on the way back….did they do anything. OF COURSE NOT!
    Frustrating. Good for you though for getting back 3K of the 6K, maybe it doesn’t hurt as bad.

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