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Los Lonely Boys are coming to town

March 8, 2008 | Dad2twins,Los Lonely Boys,Music


And I get to see them! Thanks, Kay, for Covering Florida and letting me know about it. Maybe I’ll see you there!

I’ve talked about Los Lonely Boys before and even got Dad2twins to write a guest-post review of their first album. It won’t be at the corner bar where I can order a pitcher (or three) of beer and dance all night long, but it will be backstage. That’s how we’ll┬ácelebrate a couple things — a birthday┬áthat ends in zero and an anniversary that ends in 5. Whee!

Posted by Becky @ 2:49 pm  

One Response to “Los Lonely Boys are coming to town”

  1. H.A. Page Says:

    I love their music, too. How wonderful you are going to see them.

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