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I’ve been experimented

February 19, 2008 | Blogging,Blogland games,Great Interview Experiment


The second half of my experience with the Great Interview Experiment is complete. Tiffany of The Would-Be Writers Guild just posted her interview with me.

The first half, in case you missed it, was my interview with Alisa of A Juicy Life.

So … if you want to read more about me, go check out Tiffany’s interview. Or just go check out Tiffany. She’s nice. And she likes Beckys. So if you are one (a Becky), be sure to leave a comment. Oh, and she’s celebrating her birthday, her husband’s birthday and her blogiversary. Go wish her a happy, happy, happy!

Oh, and Neil? Thanks for putting me in touch with two incredible bloggers. It was fun. Here’s hoping you get that 3,000-comment post!

Posted by Becky @ 3:15 pm  

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  1. maggie Says:

    Oh hail the Grand Snark!

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