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I got the Q snack

January 30, 2008 | Stuff

That’s what happens when I don’t volunteer but wait to be assigned to send an alphabet snack to preschool. So, here are my choices.

What about quince?


Hmm. Doesn’t that look like a yellow apple? Could I cheat and send apples?

What about queen olives?


Yeah, the 5-year-olds would love me for that.

What about mini-quiches?


(It’s a good thing I just send them in and don’t have to be there because I would be so tempted to call them quickies. I’d also be tempted to dress like a queen with a quetzal on my shoulder and say stupid things like, “Quench your thirst quickly with this quaff! Quiet your hunger with this quinary of quince cut into quarters and quadrangles!” Only to be met with quizzical silence. Quirky? Unquestionably.)

I’m leaning toward quesadillas, though.


What would you pick for a Q snack?

Posted by Becky @ 2:50 pm  

8 Responses to “I got the Q snack”

  1. lumpyheadsmom Says:

    Give them each a quarter and tell them to shut the hell up.

  2. magpie Says:

    Or give ’em Q-tips and tell them to clean one another’s ears.

    Or, trick them all with kumquats. It’s got a Q…

  3. Lance Says:

    Quaker oats

  4. Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah Says:

    I love mini quiches, but quesadillas are a pretty good idea too.

    Although, LHM has a good suggestion.

  5. Jay Says:

    How about ‘Q’uartered apples? lol. I know. too lazy. I’d have to go with quesadillas as well. bread and cheese, can’t go wrong with preschoolers.

  6. landismom Says:

    Let me just say, that is one cruel snack assignment. I’m usually running to Wawa at 10 at night the day before our snack day–to make it complicated seems needlessly evil on the part of the teacher.

    Although yours is apparently not the only teacher who is sadistic–check this out: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20061111135506AAlz8NL

    I’m sure quail eggs would be quite popular!

  7. Daddy Forever Says:

    A Q snack. That’s tough. I suppose Quarter Pounders are out. Good luck with your Q snack.

  8. Gunfighter Says:

    Qwisp cereal

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