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Do you think I qualify for TravHell?

January 23, 2008 | Audience participation,Blogland games,Traveling


Well, it’s not like you can go vote for me or anything. The blog-sponsors will do the judging. But, hey, I figured my travel experience sucks as bad as the next person’s. Ya think?

So …and the pursuit of happiness, Hotfessional and Sass Attack are running a contest to see who has the suckiest TravHell stories to tell. They’re even giving away prizes. (Think they can get my $6,000 refund? OK. Probably not. But I bet it’s better’n a bag of airline peanuts.)

Here’s my story. It’s all one trip. It’s just so hellacious that I can’t fit it into one post.

Got a horrifying TravHell experience? You can enter until Feb. 3. Go check it out.

Posted by Becky @ 11:07 pm  

4 Responses to “Do you think I qualify for TravHell?”

  1. Lance Says:


  2. AdventureDad Says:

    I need to enter my latest 24 hour Mexico trip. Cancelled flight and got rescheduled 3 (!) days later, broken eardrum, diarrha in both kids, shit up to my daughters neck three times inthe first 8 hours, 3 hours in immigration, and no naps. It was really relaxing…… Again, so sorry about your 6k.


  3. Ree Says:

    Don’t forget to enter your own!
    I sent you an email about the image – and thanks for sending more contestants to us!

  4. Deep Muck Big Rake » Oh, hell, my TravHELL was not HELL enough Says:

    […] didn’t win the TravHELL contest. But … go see who DID win. Yeah, there were times during the whole Nightmare in Norway when […]

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