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Writing From The Heart – Guest Post by Rebecca Laffar-Smith

December 27, 2007 | Guest blogger,Guest post,Words

Wow! It sure is a trip to be connecting with readers across the web in realms I tread with caution. I’m Rebecca Laffar-Smith from over at The Writer’s Round-About and when Becky asked if I’d help out by writing a guest post I thought it was a great idea. She’s off exploring the world and all her readers have an opportunity to hear from so many different voices while she’s away.

You should read the email she left us all with. A lengthy list of topics we could wander into along with free reign to do whatever we wanted instead. Becky, you’re a very brave person. I’m not particularly brave so I’m going to stick with a topic I know well.

Writing From The Heart

You don’t have to be a professional writer to experience the joy and wonder of written expression. Writing often feels like an enforced part of our daily lives. We rarely make time to write for ourselves. Do you keep a journal? Write about your dreams? List your ideas? Or is your writing limited to shopping lists, work reports and financial statements?

Taking up a pen and notebook is a simple way to create inspiration in your life. Write down what you are thankful for or what you’ve accomplished today. Reignite your life by exploring who you really are. By committing your thoughts to paper you create a record you can reflect on in years to come.

One advantage of writing only for yourself is that you don’t have to write well. The most important key to developing writing skills is to dig deep into your heart. We all begin with the basic understanding of sentence structure and composition. Developing the skills of a professional writer is not something those who write for themselves have to do. So long as you can read your own writing you can write in any way you like, about anything you like. Explore the topics that interest you and weave yourself with the language and words that fire your emotions.

You do not have to fear censorship or ridicule. What you write in your personal journal is for your eyes only. There is an amazing freedom when we permit ourselves to commit the significance of our thoughts to paper and the privacy to hold these words close to our hearts.

Explore your mind and emotions. Discover your inner being and the wealth of your subconscious intelligence. All it takes is a few minutes a day to open yourself to new ideas and a form of relaxation that gives your creative voice the freedom to sing its own song.

Write from your heart today and visit The Writer’s Round-About if you’d like to read more about writing.

Posted by Rebecca Laffar-Smith @ 2:06 am  

7 Responses to “Writing From The Heart – Guest Post by Rebecca Laffar-Smith”

  1. My First Foray Into Guest Blogging — The Writer’s Round-About Says:

    […] been enjoying the posts on The Writer’s Round-About. Feel free to check out my post, “Writing From The Heart“, at Deep Muck, Big Rake. If you have any ideas or suggestions for this blog, would like to […]

  2. Writing the Cyber Highway Says:

    This is so true! Writing from the heart is the best way to write. It’s hard sometimes to reveal the depths of our souls but so very worth it in the end :-)

    Great post!


  3. Rebecca Laffar-Smith Says:

    Thank you, Michele! I hope you had a chance to write from the heart over the holidays.

  4. Writing the Cyber Highway Says:

    Actually, I did write from my heart over the holidays! I’m working on one certain piece that is pretty much ALL heart, so when it’s published (it will be a while), I hope the words that flowed from my heart touch the hearts of those who read it. :-)

    And… you are most welcome!


  5. Rebecca Laffar-Smith Says:

    I’ll look forward to reading what you came up with when it’s published. I’m sure it will be touching. Thanks for reading, Michele!

  6. Jeanne Dininni Says:


    A post obviously written from the heart! I enjoyed it! There’s a certain emotional eloquence that can never come from the mere knowledge of writing technique but can only be drawn from the deepest parts of who we are.

    Great guest post!

  7. Rebecca Laffar-Smith Says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed this guest post, Jeanne. It was tricky writing for an audience I’m not particularly familiar with. I had to pause to consider the various motivations readers have for coming to this blog. It was a wonderful challenge and I’m glad I could write from my own heart to share the gift of written language with others.

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