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Sometimes I’m just a jerk*

December 15, 2007 | 2008 campaign,Words

So I read this.

MONTICELLO, IA.– As the sun was rising over the snow covered Iowa farmland, dotted with rolled bales of hay or straw (Jeff Zeleny of the New York Times kindly briefed me on the difference), the bus carrying reporters covering presidential candidate Barack Obama was headed towards Friday’s first campaign stop.

Oh, right. They don’t have hay and straw (or Wikipedia, for that matter) in Chicago. Or, gee, anywhere else in the state. And isn’t it amusing that someone at The New York Times is not from New York City?!? [guffaw, slap knees] Besides, it wouldn’t have the same ring to it to drop Freddy Farmer’s name from the Podunk County Weekly News. Now would it?


Posted by Becky @ 4:46 pm  

2 Responses to “Sometimes I’m just a jerk*”

  1. Sonia Says:

    I love how the media either paints a quaint picture of us here in Iowa, each and every one running about in overalls, or they pretend to take us VERY VERY seriously.
    A lot of people dig it, but the caucus system kind of pisses me off…too many reasons to detail why without taking over your blog for the entire day, lol.

  2. Devra Says:

    Maybe you should take over the blog for a day? Becky’s gonna be MIA for a bit, so it’s a perfect time for a guest post! ;)

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