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What Working Mother magazine won’t tell you: Employers offer ‘soft’ benefits

October 12, 2007 | Family,Parenting,PR,Working Mother


Here’s a nice little primer for understanding the Working Mother magazine “100 best” list. The Wall Street Journal published an article, “Employers Offer Help On College Admissions,” on Oct. 4, 2007, saying that companies offer seminars and advice about the admissions process. That’s great, but here’s the point.

Such programs, which are offered free to employees, come at a time when health-care premiums are rising and employers are cutting back many benefits. To compensate, companies are adding more “soft” benefits — from group discounts on gym memberships to pet insurance — that cost them very little, if anything. … As companies increase their employees’ out-of-pocket costs, they are looking for “touchy-feely” benefits that can soften the blow, [according to a benefits expert].

Posted by Becky @ 8:21 am  

2 Responses to “What Working Mother magazine won’t tell you: Employers offer ‘soft’ benefits”

  1. PunditMom Says:

    Gotta’ love those “soft” benefits. They make me feel all warm and tingly.

  2. Lumpyheadsmom Says:

    Pet insurance. Great. Fido can get treatment for his liver disease, but you? Not so much.

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