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Hello … is anybody out there?

October 3, 2007 | Blogging,Delurking Day


Just leave a comment if you can hear me.

Oh, yeah. It’s Delurking Day.

I know these things vary. I’ve seen them in January and November. But I found this one through Magpie Musing.

Posted by Becky @ 8:14 am  

9 Responses to “Hello … is anybody out there?”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I lurk, not just once a day. I check your sources. I have this to say, “Keep up the good work! I HEAR YOU – LOUD AND CLEAR!!!!”

  2. PunditMom Says:

    Yup, I’m here!

  3. Todd Says:

    You are towards the top of my My Yahoo! page. I click on you often. Our blogs are very similar.

  4. maggie Says:


    I love what you’re doing.

  5. Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah Says:

    I am here too.

  6. `ChewY` Says:

    Checking in…

  7. Devra Says:

    Here I am! : )

  8. Miranda Says:

    I’m here!

  9. Deep Muck Big Rake » Delurking Day 2009 Says:

    […] I can’t keep up with the Blogland Calendar. The last Delurking Day I marked was in October. […]

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