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Comment to Creative Ink

August 22, 2007 | Blogging,Family,Lawyers,Motherhood,Work

Wendy Hoke’s blog, Creative Ink, won’t let me leave a comment, so I’ll do it here. Regarding her post, “Women lawyers falling behind at local firms,” I say … good points. I especially like her deconstruction of Bob Duvin’s quote about how dazzled he is by working mothers. Brilliant.

Speaking of lawyers, I just read this morning that some have reached the $1,000-per-hour level. (The article is behind the paywall until Rupert Murdoch decides to make the Wall Street Journal available free online and fill the main news holes with Paris Hilton every day.)

Frankly, it’s a little hard to think about anyone who doesn’t save lives being worth this much money. – David Boies, a trial lawyer at Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP

You don’t say.

Posted by Becky @ 3:27 pm  

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  1. Arwen Says:

    I have found the same comment problem if I use internet explorer but not if I use Firefox.
    $1000 per hour? cough. cough. Does that come with a get out of jail free card?

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