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PTL and pass the pig — cazart!

August 15, 2007 | Vacation


If you’re hungry for barbecue, they’ve got you covered in North Carolina. So you don’t forget, there’s a dinner prayer right there on the menu.


With a church every mile or so and hand-painted signs …


… nailed to trees along the roads and Walter and Louise helping you remember your Ten Commandments …


… I felt a little dirty reading Hunter S. Thompson’s take on politicians.

… a man on the scent of the White House is rarely rational. He is more like a beast in heat: a bull elk in the rut, crashing blindly through the timber in a fever for something to fuck. Anything! … A career politician finally smelling the White House is not much different from a bull elk in the rut. He will stop at nothing, trashing anything that gets in his way; and anything he can’t handle personally he will hire out — or, failing that, make a deal.

With walks like these, though …


… there was a slice-of-heaven quality about the place.

Posted by Becky @ 5:08 pm  

One Response to “PTL and pass the pig — cazart!”

  1. Arwen Says:

    Yeah, NC is pretty quirky about the god stuff, but the bar-b-que is quite tasty. I was just in Colorado Springs, CO which is absolutely gorgeous (the big sky, the red rocks, pike’s peak) and was staying a block away from the Focus on the Family HQ. I was sure I was going to be struck by lightning every time I drove by but maybe their god likes me more than anyone wants to admit…or maybe he works in mysterious ways…or something. The springs made NC look like a bunch of un-pious devil worshippers, that’s for sure. For example: we have the hand painted ‘pray’, they would have it neatly stenciled on a tasteful billboard. It was a little sterile.

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