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Thinking about my dad

August 26, 2012 | Uncategorized

I was 19 when he died … 28 years ago today. I’ve known my father-in-law for 22 years now … longer than I knew my own father. Well, that’s not quite right. I still know my dad. But I only had him here in person for 19 years. Ah, well. This is what happens with the passage of time. I’m older now than my father was when he died. It makes me think of the lyrics to a James Taylor song.

As much as I teased my dad about his choice of music, I’d like to think that he’d like to listen to James Taylor with me. And maybe he’d tell me that the secret of life is enjoying the passage of time.

Time goes by. Dad gets farther away. But maybe I understand him just a little bit more with every passing day.

Posted by Becky @ 5:15 pm  

4 Responses to “Thinking about my dad”

  1. Sharon Kruse Says:

    Thinking about your Dad brings joy to my heart.
    He was a wonderful man who cared for others. He had much to give to all those he knew.
    He married a wonderful woman, who was able to carry on with his children after he was gone.
    I remember staying with him and Kathy and Steve for a week. My first time away from home. It was scary, but he made it OK.
    I remember he always visited with my parents when they were passing through or even made a point to come and visit.
    I remember the day I heard he had passed. It was a sad day for me. I wouldn’t be able to see him anymore, but I still think of him often. It was good having him as a cousin.

  2. Marie A Says:

    I’ve been thinking these thoughts for a while myself. My dad died when I was 15, but fortunately, he was a vivid presence and left me with many good times, words of wisdom and a perspective on history to remember.

    Just this past week, I was telling one of my “Dad” stories and my daughter told me she wished she could have known him. That made me feel good but it hurts some. In some ways, I feel my kids do know him through me.

    Such is the way of the world though. So fortunate to have my husband’s parents still with us.

  3. Becky Says:

    Thanks for your kind words, Sharon. :)

  4. Becky Says:

    I know what you’re saying, Marie. It’s weird to hear my kids call him Grandpa … I only wish he would have been here to be a grandfather.

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