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Books: Salt Dancers

March 4, 2010 | Books

I just finished reading Salt Dancers by Ursula Hegi. It’s the story of Julia, who revisits dark family issues when she travels from one coast to the other to return home after more than 20 years away. She wants to understand what went wrong with her family so she can avoid that with the child she’s expecting. It’s haunting and painful, yet it’s also hopeful. And, oh, so familiar.

Posted by Becky @ 6:00 am  

2 Responses to “Books: Salt Dancers”

  1. magpie Says:

    i haven’t read that, but i read her “stones from the river” – which is beautifully written.

  2. Becky Says:

    The more I let it settle, the more I can remember the themes that she brilliantly carried out throughout the story. Her insight into family relationships is amazing.

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