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Auto executives plan to carpool to D.C.

November 24, 2008 | Airlines,D.C.,Dignitary visits,Economics,Iraq,Politics,Traveling

You know what that means.

Road trip!

Think they’ll blog about it? And take pictures of the Kum & Go? And pick up other execs along the way?

Rep. Brad Sherman, D-Calif., was the one who asked the executives if they flew commercial to Washington, D.C. None had.

I suppose Sherman had a decent question. So when will he get his D.C. colleagues to start road-trippin’ in and out of the city? Or maybe he’ll convince them to hitchhike when they go on their PR junkets to Iraq.

Posted by Becky @ 7:23 pm  

2 Responses to “Auto executives plan to carpool to D.C.”

  1. Devra Says:

    well if they do they’d better credit http://www.momroadtrip.com if they stop at the Kum & Go. We did it first!

  2. Steffen Frost Says:

    Instead of just carticipating to D.C., they should encourage all dealerships to mark all their vehicles as “carticipation ready”. Giving one or two people a lift in a Suburban beats the gas mileage on a prius, and it is a much nicer ride. That is how you get those cars of the lots.

    We gave a talk on carticipation at the Silicon Valley iPhone Developers’ Meetup in Palo Alto last week and posted the video here (select “high quality” mode):


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