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Tag, I’m It!

September 10, 2008 | A Juicy Life,Blogland games

Alisa at Notre Vie Juteuse tagged me.

1. Where was I 10 years ago?
Probably living in a rental by now after selling our house and getting ready to move to Norway in a few months.

2. What is on my to-do list today?
Call about recycling (we don’t have garbage service here)
Call about the gas tank in our yard … when does it need to be filled?
Order pictures

3. What would I do if I were a billionaire?
I’m with Alisa. I would never, ever fly commercial again. I would never put my money in my old bank. I would build a home in Norway and visit often (never flying commercial, ever again, mind you).

4. Five places I have lived

5. Three bad habits
Not reading instructions thoroughly
Cursing (see first two)

6. Snacks I like
Corn chips
Chocolate-covered peanuts

7. People I’m tagging
Anyone who wants to play.

Posted by Becky @ 12:58 pm  

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