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Amazing travel experiences

March 31, 2008 | Books,Traveling

I can’t post photos, so how about a regular ol’ chat?

(I can’t get my comments in e-mail, and I’ve been running into all kinds of suck with my blog lately. As in, my blog just quit and I lost this entire thing. But … that’s a whole other post.)

Alisa answered my question about most amazing travel experience and then asked what mine was.

Like Alisa, I don’t have just one.

1) My first trip to Norway and seeing the mountains and fjords from the plane. It took my breath away.

2) Making it to the top of a mountain. More than once.

3) Keeping in touch with people I’ve met while traveling, even though maybe the only thing we shared was coffee while waiting for the train.

4) Being pleasantly surprised to find the “reputation that preceded them” wasn’t always the case. French people who spoke English in France. (Shh! I’m not supposed to tell.) New Yorkers who took the time to give directions, some even walking out of their way to help.

5) Italy.

Posted by Becky @ 10:14 pm  

3 Responses to “Amazing travel experiences”

  1. Lance Says:

    I had a wonderful time in Paris and the people were great. Even the subway ticket lady spoke to me in English to help me get from point a to point b. I enjoyed Paris, except for the part where I spent a week in bed and had Eastern European maids make me some weird soup to try to get me healthy. Instead I dragged my ass to the airport and begged United to fly me home. They did. For a $250 surcharge.

  2. magpie Says:

    I try to be that kind of New Yorker.

  3. Mutha Mae Says:

    Mine has to be traveling to China to pick up my baby girl. That in and of itself was amazing, but China to experience was just incredible as well. I’d go back in a heartbeat! Oh, and Disney cruises are also pretty awesome, too. But China? THE SHOPPING! The food, the shopping, the people. Loved it.

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