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Believe it or not, I wasn’t late to my own wedding

December 30, 2007 | Blogging,Guest blogger

Hi.  I’m Amie from Mamma Loves.  I was so flattered when Becky invited me to guest post in her absence.  And then what do I do?  (And trust me this will come as no surprise to my husband, mother or friends.)  I show up late! 

How rude.

I hate being late.  It’s one of my worst bad habits.  In my defense in this circumstance, the holidays have me all screwed up and I thought today was the 28th.  But isn’t that the way with folks like us who are always late?  We always have an excuse.  And really, there isn’t ever a good one.  I recognize that others feel tardiness is rude.  I don’t particularly.  I don’t get frustrated when others are a little late.  I know life gets in the way.  That’s what happens to me.  I think I can get way more done in an allotted period of time.  Or I just really want a few more minutes of sleep in the morning.  The thing is, it’s a bad habit.  One I’d like to change.

Think I have any hope if I set it as my New Year’s resolution?  Cripes, I have so many already.  I’m not really a New Year’s resolution kind of gal.  It seems so contrived.  Either I’m going to try to do something or I’m not.  It’s sort of like starting a diet on a Monday.  Isn’t there some study out there that suggests that’s the worst day of the week to start? 

The reason I’m even tempted this year is that I have eaten so poorly for the last few weeks and I could really use the excuse of the holidays being over to start anew. 

Man I sound like I have a lot of issues.  I probably do.  I’m a blogger right?  I mean I write about my life and put it out there for the rest of the world to read.  I wonder what Freud would have had to say about blogging.  Whatever.  I say screw Freud.  Sometimes words are just words…and sometimes they aren’t.

Well as you can tell my blogging skills are a bit rusty.  I haven’t posted at all over at my place since the before the holidays.  I really to appreciate the opportunity to exercise my muscles over here–can you say atrophy?  I’m going to owe Becky some major links or something after this.  Or she can just refer back to this post (or this one)every once in a while to feel better about herself.  I mean really.  It’s the least I could do.

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