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Covering the war, part 2

July 12, 2007 | Death,Iraq,Journalism,Military

My newspaper published an article about a local soldier’s funeral (sans flag-draped coffin) on the front page … of the metro section.

What was on the front front page?

1) An article about the cost of copper.

2) The presidential race.

3) A Washington Post article about security.

4) A Los Angeles Times article about Lady Bird Johnson.

5) Teasers to the life and sports sections.

Thirty U.S. troops have died so far this month, yet this is the only article written in-house. The newspaper ran an Associated Press article about a sailor from the other side of the state, and numbers of deaths may or may not be mentioned in wire stories picked up about “incidents” in Iraq.

Posted by Becky @ 12:32 pm  

One Response to “Covering the war, part 2”

  1. K Kruse Says:

    We need to be aware of each soldier who falls and each soldier who is wounded. The cost of this war is staggering, but those who wish to see us continue, are not counting those costs. While watching their own financial wealth build up, they are making it hard for our wounded vets to get the medical help they need to restore their health with the reason being WE NEED TO CUT COSTS. Educational benefits are being curtailed for the same stated reason. Is something wrong here?

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